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Permanent Roommates S01 and S02 Download

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Permanent Roommates Season 1 Download

you can watch this awesome series on tvfplay app or on youtube for free. I have given a direct link to watch this awesome shows for free below. I have also written the detailed description of all the shows here so that you can watch it with full enjoyment.

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TVF’s Permanent Roommates S01E01 – The Proposal

Tanya gets a surprise marriage proposal from her boyfriend Mikesh, after being in a 3-year long distance relationship. Before she can start protesting about it, Mikesh reveals his own master-plan.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S01E02 – The Father-In-Law

Mikesh refuses Tanya’s plea to delay the marriage because he has already informed someone else about it… her father.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S01E03 – The Bachelor Pad

When circumstances force Mikesh to leave Tanya’s house, Ritu’s boyfriend Leo suggests a new alternative to his residence.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S01E04 – The Bridegroom

This time, Tanya and Mikesh enter a house… and a wedding.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S01E05 – The Agreement

Mikesh and Tanya face their toughest challenge, an unavoidable breakup!

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E01 | The Parents

While Tanya and Mikesh were busy planning their future, life gave them a surprise. And as if that surprise wasn’t enough, Mikesh’s parents planned to give them another one!

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E02 | The Man

The unplanned pregnancy leads the parents to coax Mikesh and Tanya into an immediate marriage. However, when things get further complicated, the night can be saved by only one savior – ‘The Man’.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E03 | The Event – Part I

Tanya comes back from a business trip to find out that an unknown relative along with Mikesh has planned an extravagant wedding for them.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E03 | The Event – Part II

As Tanya and Mikesh try to opt out of the extravagant wedding, the parents create an even bigger problem for them.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E04 | The Dinner

Tankesh goes to Mikesh’s uncle’s place for dinner and becomes a part of an unexpected mystery.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E05 | The Memories

When a bag of precious memories goes missing, Tankesh ends up creating another precious one.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E06 | The Gift

Mikesh orders a special gift for his child when the families are preparing for the wedding. Meanwhile, Tankesh meets two uninvited guests and accidentally learn the art of parenting.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E07 | The Attempt – Season Finale

When Tankesh is shattered, they decide to pick their lives up again and revisit their past in search of happiness.

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