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About Kota Factory 2019

Dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney Ji, Shri Irodov Ji, and Maanniya HC Verma ji, ‘Kota Factory’ is TVF’s latest original. India’s first ‘Black and White’ show highlights the problems present day IIT-JEE aspirants face in their day-to-day lives.

Kota Factory Series Reviews

Quota Factory Review: Being an IITAN is something that fills everyone’s chest with pride. Almost all parents in India want their children to pass the IIT’s admission test and “Please surrender life”. While we all know how much they “correct” the lives of IIT engineers and non-IIT engineers, Kota Factory talks about the lives of the students trying to understand the IIT.

Then, Vaibhav is one of those students who, during his eleventh or twelfth education, reach every year in the IIT-JEE examination to reach Kota (known as the training center of the country).

When Vaibhav does not get admission in the best training institute, Maheshwari, despite obtaining 90% grade in Class X, has no choice but to get a place in Prodigi’s most prestigious institution. . And because glory comes late, it gets admission in Lot A10 (which is considered the lowest priority for mentors). However, he has the opportunity to break the next restructuring tests and jump over the top.

Art, in contrast to life, is kind to those losers. Refusing to accept them as incompetent, literature and movies, usually romanticizes their flaws, enhances them in the form of aspiration and gives them the identity of helpless or mischief. Their fall, struggle, and rebellion have made it a more absorbing story compared to the achievement of those who are expected to succeed. The quota factory denies telling their story except for an interesting, fascinating and important addition to the long line of cinematographic representation of such “losers”. They are present in their absence because the series trains the lens of those who are located between the rank-and-file and the rebel: It seems that the sub-section of the people who make lawsuits, which lead to life is so common that they Do not tell the story. His struggle is not to deviate from the story but to stay in it.

The wider series of five episodes won a lot with a spectacular performance, especially in the form of Ranjan Raj Meena and Peacock More Vaishnav. In many ways, it presents an impressive representation of a hero who experiences his own rituals. It also gives a glimpse of those who are very common in their life, in these friendly hostile organizations, the forged information gives a lot of friendship and shows how, when these friends follow their own path, then Promised to meet in the future. The place is never mentioned. Kota people expect to end in familiar places.\

Watch Kota Factory Series Online

For your kind information Kota Factory Series is free to watch in India through tvfplay app and on youtube.

just search Kota Factory Series on tvfplay app or youtube and you can watch it for free. you may see some ads because that is how they are making revenue from it.

it’s awesome shows so you must watch this shows.

as now you know how to watch Kota Factory Series online in hindi then please share it with your friends so that they can also watch it for free in india.

if you are not in India and you want to watch Kota Factory Series then you may have to pay subscription fee on tvfplay app.

Kota Factory – EP 01 – Inventory

Kota Factory – EP 02

Kota Factory – EP 03

Kota Factory – EP 04

Kota Factory – EP 05

How to Download Kota Factory Series

So as you know that Kota factory is available on tvfplay app then download it there and enjoy the shows.

I have given a direct link to watch it online or download it in mobile on tvfplay app.


anyhow you can also download it on mega shows app.

yes you heard it right. you can download it on then mega shows app too and you can install mega shows app through mega shows apk.

So you can follow below trick to download mega shows in your mobile or pc.

  • first of all download mega shows app apk from below Link…

Download Now

  • then install it on your mobile or iOS.
  • if you want to download mega shows app on pc or laptop follow this trick.
  • then in the app search for “Kota factory” or you will directly get it on the homepage.
  • click on it and choose season 1.
  • here you will get all episodes of Kota factory India series to watch online.
  • you can also download it directly to your mobile or PC.

you can check it’s rating on imdb site too and that is awesome. you must watch kota factory shows for free if you are a student.

Kota Factory IMDB ratings


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