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You can watch full series at app tvfplay which can be download from play store or app store in your phone.

here is the direct link to watch yeh meri family online on the computer….or mobile….

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TVF Yeh Meri Family | E01 – Pukam Pukai

Welcome to the home of the Guptas, in the summer of ’98. Meet Harshu, our 12-year old, naughty but nice hero. He has a strict but caring mother, a cool father who is the engine of the family, a nerdy elder brother and an adorable baby sister, the apple of everyone’s eyes. All Harshu wants is all any 12-year-old does, to play and have fun with his best friend Shanky during the summer vacations, but mom has different plans for him. ‘Yeh Meri Family’ Presented by Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E02 – Vish Amrit

Birthday is one day that gets every 12-year old excited and Harshu is no different. Harshu and Shanky have big plans for Harshu’s birthday, but mom has a sweet surprise planned for him. Will Harshu be patient or petulant, wait and find out! ‘Yeh Meri Family’ Presented by Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E03 – The 12th Man

The dreaded day of results in school is here, but Harshu isn’t worried about the report card. What’s bothering him is his Papa coming to school for the open day. Will Harshu’s friends think his Papa is cool? Find out why and what happens next in episode 3.

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E04 – Posham Pa

Harshu discovers some secrets about his elder brother Dabbu and realizes he is not as innocent as he seems. Things get unpleasant at home and Harshu soon learns that this is more than just a trump card battle.

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E05 – Kacchi Ghodi

When the parents have an intense fight, the entire house is on high alert. While Harshu and Dabbu try to calm things down, the adorable little sister, Chitti goes missing. Where did Chitti go and what happens next? Watch episode 5 and find out!

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E06 – Chupan Chupai

Harshu never gives up an opportunity to try to impress his crush Vidhya. His best friend Shanky gives him new tips and tricks to grab her attention, but this time Harshu has his own plans. What are they? Watch this episode to find out!

TVF Yeh Meri Family | E07 – Chiddiya Ud | Season Finale

No matter how much we fight with our siblings, how much we hit them, we can’t stay away from them. Similar is the story of Harshu and his brother Dabbu. What will happen if Dabbu will leave the family home to study further? Watch Yeh Meri Family Finale find out!

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How to download Yeh Meri Family Series..

  • First of all go to play store or apple store in your phone.
  • then search for tvf play app there.
  • then downlaod this best app in your phone and open it.
  • then register in this app and search for yeh meri family there.
  • then you can download it there and watch it later in the app.

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